Lake Havasu Spring Break 2017: Havasumaniac VIP Cards on Sale!

Spring Break in Lake Havasu, Arizona is just around the corner, and to capitalize on the excitement, the all-new Havasumaniac VIP Club Card is now officially on sale online!

Yes, the team that’s behind the Panamaniac, Padremaniac and Daytonamaniac VIP Club Card programs – known simply as the MANIAC SPRING BREAK VIP PROGRAM are bringing a similar program to Lake Havasu and it’s going to definitely change the way students Spring Break at this destination!

Students are already planning their hotel arrangements, and now, you can add your party package arrangements to your check-off list!

Learn more about Spring Breaking in Lake Havasu Right Here!

So what is the Havasumaniac Card all about?

It is anticipated that thousands of cards will be sold this coming season to students from all over the West Coast and other parts of the country. It’s the card that simply takes care of all your plans!

This ultimate Spring Break VIP program offers perks that include but are not just limited to:

  • A full week’s schedule of FREE daily and nightly parties
  • High profile events at the biggest and best clubs on the beach!
  • Premium giveaways
  • Major discounts
  • Free Spring Break 2017 Souvenir T-Shirt!

Buy the 2017 Havasumaniac VIP Club Card Online Right Now and Save on the Cost!

If saving money is among your main priorities, the Havasumaniac Club Card is what you need.

Partying during Spring Break is a big deal and Lake Havasu makes no exceptions.

Famous nightclubs are a must visit but can quickly add up when you factor in expensive cover charges. By purchasing the Havasumaniac Card, students are able to party absolutely free! Why pay those over-priced cover charges if you don’t have to?

Get the card and you’ll save a guaranteed minimum of $300 in cover charges by the time the week is over.

Avoid the rush when you get on the beach and purchase your 2017 Spring Break VIP Club Card in advance.